Fight Factory Manila – Mckinley Hill

Fight Factory Manila Mckinley Hill is the premier martial arts fitness gym in Taguig . We are powered by Elorde Boxing. Aside from instruction in muay thai, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and mixed martial arts (MMA), we also offer unique workout programs to meet your fitness goals. Get fit like a real fighter. Yes, you can enjoy all the benefits without the bruises and cuts! We are the real deal in MMA training. We boast of current MMA fighters as our MMA trainers.

Come and get some super intense “best bang for your buck” training in a serious yet friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere.

Fight Factory Manila currently hosts a chapter of Deftac Saulo Ribeiro Philippines, the premier Brazilian jiujitsu organization in the country. It is headed by Black belt Prof. Alvin Aguilar (founder of URCC).